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We have a doggy tale to tell you about Smudgers Mutts Dog Grooming and Boarding in Cheltenham.

In the beginning, Smudgers Mutts was just one woman grooming from her kitchen. Now we’re a team working from a purpose-built salon with dog grooming kit, qualified groomers, apprentices, washers and dryers and a separate space for dog boarding. It’s taken a decade, but every dog has her day and we’ve made it.

When Sarah became a single mother with two small children and two excitable spaniels, she felt frustrated with her lack of choices. She needed to care for her children and also put food on the table. How to do both? A chance conversation with a dog groomer provided the inspiration. Combining her business experience and love of dogs, she decided to start a dog grooming business. Smudgers Mutts was born!

What followed were two busy years while Sarah fitted a City and Guilds dog grooming qualification around school hours. She worked harder than she ever had before. There were sleepless nights, panicked school runs and uncooperative dog models. There were also laughs and moments of success. It just goes to show – you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Sarah’s goal of creating a job she loved that could support a family became reality. After graduation, she was grooming in her kitchen and her reputation as a friendly, professional groomer brought in clients.

Sarah at College 2010

Kitchen grooming

First Pooch Wagon

Sarah outgrew the kitchen and moved to the garage. Temporary locations in Cheltenham came and went. Ten years on we now have a permanent home for Smudgers Mutts – a salon with grooming bays, washing units, drying stations and a secure outside area for our doggy clients. We’re based in the St. Pauls area of Cheltenham with plenty of parking for easy drop-offs and pick-ups.

Smudgers Mutts 2022

There have been many changes for Smudgers Mutts since the early days. But what’s never changed is our friendly and professional dog grooming service.

We aim to meet the highest standards for animal welfare. From trained groomers, a clean and hygienic salon to strong management and clear communications – everything we do is for the welfare of the dogs in our care.

Smudgers Mutts believes in the best training for our team. While the dog grooming industry is unregulated, we believe professional training for all our groomers is a must. We are doggedly determined to support best practice through training. We warmly welcome apprentices into the business and provide work experience for local schools and colleges. We encourage on the job skills development and continuing professional development for all our team.

Over the last decade we’ve taken the ruff with the smooth. There have been setbacks – don’t get us started on the pandemic! But we’ve survived and are very proud of our achievements so far. This isn’t the end of our doggy tale. We’re looking forward to a bright future dog grooming in Cheltenham!

Puppy Love! Smudgers Mutts offer a FREE first groom to all puppies. Find more details HERE.

Contact us today to ask about your dog grooming and boarding needs.

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